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  • Christine Walker


One of the biggest perks of being a traveling massage therapist and working with horse people is that most of them have dogs! I love dogs! Dogs of all types, be it large or small, I am ready to love on your pooch when I walk in the door! Today alone I got to play and visit with six dogs while making three house calls! That makes my heart happy!! So if you are considering booking an house call massage appointment with me and not sure about what to do with your dog, the answer is simple. Let them meet me at the door, let them greet me into their home. I am entering their space and I want them to be comfortable with me there. Often once a dog sees what is going on and gets the sniffs out of the way, they get the chill vibes from the bodywork being performed! Take a look at this dude!

I have been known to use my light multi-tool on a dog here and there when in a barn working. They love it!! I've not tried it on any cats, but I am sure they would like it too. Speaking of my light, I want to share more information on it for those interested. This light is from. This tool has blue light, red light and green light; all of which have different frequencies for healing. The frequencies of the wavelengths of light are the reason for the healing action of light therapy. There is a bit of warmth, but heat is not the goal of this device. Blue light has wonderful for anti-bacterial properties! Very helpful in healing open wounds! Green has a great effect on the pineal gland and helps with melatonin and helps connecting the endocrine to the nervous system. I find this light very useful in stimulating and calming different acupressure points. Red light has many great properties that have been around for a long time. Red light is helpful with stimulation of acupressure points and the stimulation of acupressure points.

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