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I love essential oils!  It's a personal choice that I use everyday.  I prefer them for cleaning, diffusing into my home to get rid of dog smell and to help center myself for a day of clients.  When people ask what company I like, I say DoTerra.  I was won over by their quality of Patchouli, hands down.  I then became a distributer.  It took me years to become a distributer, as it was not an action that I take lightly.  If you have questions, let me know!  You can click the little bottle of Patchouli here and it will take you to my DoTerra page to take a look!

Rocky Mountain Girls Hemp

This companies CBD products have been life altering for my horse that has cervical arthritis.  The CBD pellets and cubes have helped him be more mobile with out the use of any other daily pain relieving medications.  


Dynamite, I am new to this line of holistic products.  They carry products for horses, people, dogs, cats and exotic animals.  Currently my horse is on the Equine Foundation program consisting of TNT (supplement), DynaPro (daily probiotic) and Free Choice minerals. 

I personally take the daily vitamins called DM Plus and Tri-Mins.  I have been taking these for about 45 days and the energy difference is outstanding.  I used to struggle getting out of bed, I LOVE sleep; However, since taking these I am ready and up every morning, even before my alarm goes off!

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