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Function in Form

Session Fee - $125 Effective 10-1-23
*Travel fee of $.50 per miles beyond 30 mile radius (each direction) of business address 
(zip 68130)
.  This fee can be waived if 2 or more horses are scheduled for the same day at the same facility, within 100 mile radius.


Each equine bodywork session is tailored to the horse's individual needs.  The session may take place in the horse's stall, an isle way, an area, grooming area; wherever is safe and horse is comfortable.  Generally the horse is free to move about during the session (left untied with halter and lead-rope), unless overly restless or there is a safety concern.  

Sessions typically begin with the intake of information about the horse and review of the owner's concerns.  The horse will be visually assessed for movement at the walk and the symmetry within the body at a stand still.  Owners have the option to stay and watch the session or not; either is fine.

The following step is a body assessment via feel.  I will palpate areas of concern and feel for areas of tension and get a feel for the horses energy in all areas of the body.  This will give me a map of where to treat and where to begin.  Often a body work session can being with some light energy holds to promote confidence in the horse that I am here to help and that all is well.

Further into the session, I will begin to use techniques that may include myofascial release, deep tissue therapy, Swedish massage strokes, stretching, acupressure, cranial sacral techniques and energy work as necessary.  Each massage will be different, based on what is found and where we need to go.  


The session will end when the horse exhibits that it has had enough or that I feel we have reached an ending point.  Sessions generally last 60 minutes.  The owner of the horse will receive a session sheet, covering what was performed, which areas were primary concerns 

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