Bodywork for Horses and their Human Companions


 Often our horses, like us, are in a state of imbalance both mentally and physically.  Bodywork sessions for horses and humans alike can realign the body, assist in the correction of asymmetry, relax sore and tense muscles and assist in the re-establishment of more natural movement patterns that maybe caused by overcompensation patterns developed over time. 

Please take a look at all the pages on this site.  Take time time to invest in the health of your horse and yourself, with bodywork therapy.  


Balanced rider + Balanced Horse= Balanced Team

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Many people are interested in a nice relaxation massage, but not all are aware of the benefits of deeper more meaningful work entailing a blend of therapeutic and energetic bodywork.  Horses are intuitive animals that thrive on our energy and those around them.  We influence their body so many ways, often being unaware.