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~Equine Bodywork ~
Every horse 
deserves to feel their best 

Walker Equine Therapies is the bodywork practice of Christine N. Walker, LMT.  A licensed human massage therapist and nationally certified equine massage therapist, located in Omaha, NE. 

Sessions are available by contacting or by calling/texting to 574-904-1658  

What is an Equine Bodyworker?  


This is a legitimate question I often  get asked and I want to clarify here on my homepage.  I am a massage therapist,  who also practices several other modalities, often in tandom with massage techniques.  These additional modalities are things such as red light therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, SureFoot Balance pads, myofascial release and basic acupressure techniques.  I DO NOT perform joint mobilizations, adjustments, acupuncture, prescribe medications, or diagnose any illness/injury.  


I am NOT a Chiropractor, Veterinarian, Equine Physiologist, or an Equine Osteopath.  These are all professional qualifications that I do not have and I have high respect for those who have these credentials.  I work along with these professionals whenever possible to give your horse the best possible care. If you are looking for any of these credentials, I am not your therapist.  I maybe able to help you find someone,  but I want to be clear these are not in my wheelhouse. 

I do provide my clients with a detailed session report that I encourage you to share with your veterinarian and am also always open to working with your veterinarian, physiologist, or chiropractor; as our services generally compliment each other.  If you horse is under the current care of one of these professionals, I will ask for you to either obtain clearance for your horse to receive bodywork or I will ask to be able to contact your veterinarian for this clearance personally.

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