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At this time, I am no longer accepting New Human Bodywork Clients.
However, if you have a group of 3 or more who would like to schedule at one location, please contact me and we can do group scheduling 

Bodywork Tailored to the Equestrian

Equestrians use all different body parts to remain in balance with their horse.  The legs and core hold us on and remain in balance.  The upper body of the shoulders, neck and head must also remain in balance, looking where we need to go, making connection in the rein and not interfering with the horses neck and mouth.  Consistent bodywork helps the rider establish balance within their body, make them more flexible and pliable in the saddle which in turn helps the horse more comfortable under saddle.

What is a session like?

Currently equestrian bodywork sessions are offered in your home or facility.  You supply the space, everything else comes with me, including but not limited to a comfortable and safe massage table, freshly laundered sheets, freshly laundered blanket and hypoallergenic lotion.  


You will be asked to complete a client intake form before your session.  This form can actually be printed here or completed online.  We will discuss any areas of concern/issues and develop a plan for the session.

For your session, you will be asked to undress to your level of comfort.  If you are most comfortable remaining fully clothed, that is absolutely ok!  Some techniques are more effective with skin/skin contact, but all parts of the body can be worked clothed or unclothed.  If you choose to undress, please be aware that I practice Medical Massage draping protocol, which in essence means that the only part of your body exposed will be the portion that I am currently working on.  For example, if  I am working on your right arm, only that arm will be exposed.  All other body parts will remain covered.  


Sessions may consist of the following:

Massage ~Consisting of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release

Trigger Point Therapy



Essential Oils

Heat/Ice Application

Application of hot/cold therapeutic products


One Hour Bodywork Session                                                        $125 Effective 10-1-23

90 Minute Bodywork Session                                                       $160

2 Hour Bodywork Session                                                             $250

30 Minute Facility Bodywork Session  (details below)           $60 

Gather your family or friends!


If multiple human bodyworks sessions are booked for the same day/location, each session is discounted by $5!

If the location chosen is beyond a 30 mile radius of my business location, there will be a milage fee assessed of .55 cents per mile past the 50 mile limit.

30 Minute Facility Bodywork Sessions

Availability for bodwork session at your equestrian facility!  Do you have several riders who would benefit from bodywork, but do not want to set up a traditional massage session?  

Consider gathering your riders and schedule a bodywork clinic!  I will come with my table to your facility and perform 30 minute sessions on those interested for a fee of $50 per individaul.

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